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Active membership

Do you want to be part of Rotterdam Jaguars? Read all about becoming a member here.

The Rotterdam Jaguars is a student association linked to Stichting Erasmus Sport (ES) and the Nederlandse Lacrosse Bond (NLB). Signing up for an active membership automatically signs you up to the ES and NLB. The costs of an active membership therefore consist out of association fee and costs for the ES sportpass and NLB registration.

An active membership is ongoing. This means that every membership will automatically be registered after each season. Signing off from your membership needs to be done in written text before the official signing off date (june 30) to the board. Whenever the member fails to sign off in time, the contribution for the upcoming season will be conducted.

The membership offers access to all activities (such as trainings, games and social activities) organized by different parties.

Contribution season 2019-2020*:

  • €90,- Association contribution
  • €110,- ES Sportspass
  • €35,- Nederlandse Lacrosse Bond
    Total €235,-

Want to become part of the Rotterdam Jaguars? Join us during a try out practice or connect with us via the contact form.

*Contribution fees are subject to change before each season start. Above mentioned prices might differ slightly.
** If you’re already in possession of an ES sportspass, please tell so in the sign up form. Costs of the sportpass won’t be charged twice.