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14th Board | 2019-2020
President: Jet Lobée
Treasurer: Linde Hoek van Dijke
Secretary: Lucy Zhang
Vice President Women: Isabelle Bennink
Vice President Men: Zachary Barth
Chief External Affairs: Dagmar van den Heuvel

The president, secretary, chief external affairs and treasurer form the board. Next to that, there is a president for both the men and women’s teams. Together, the board is responsible for the progress of the club and making sure the members are able to play lacrosse in the best way possible.

Focuspoints for the board:

  • Professionalisation and development
  • Transparancy
  • Involvement

Lacrosse is relatively speaking not very well-known in the Netherlands. The association is small, but therefore very committed. The development of the sport and the club is therefore the most important task for our board. This includes increasing the club’s popularity, creating a clear association structure, documenting and gathering knowledge and increasing the common feeling of responsibility within the club.

To welcome new members, the board is transparant in its policy and members outside the board can contribute.

Next to playing lacrosse, other activities are being organized by enthousiastic members. Within the club, there are different commissions under the supervision of the board. This way, all members have the ability to contribute to the clubs development using their own, personal skills.