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As the Dutch say ‘Many hands make light work!’ Many members also contribute by organizing events, activities, etc. within the club. There are several committees that are under supervision of one of the board members. It is always possible to start a new committee in consultation with the board. So, do you have a good idea and do you want to organize something? Sign up for one of the committees or set up a committee yourself!

The Eurekaweek committee promotes the sport, the association and the introduction package during the Eurekaweek. In addition to that, they take care of the lacrosse introductory month in September to attract as many enthusiastic new members as possible. The committee works closely together the promotion-, activity- and technical committee.

Members: Elizabeth (D2), Hanneke (trainer D1 / D2), Jet (D2), Koen (H1), Lucy (D2), Manon (D1), Merel (D2) and Robin (H1).

The material committee is responsible for the material of Rotterdam lacrosse. The aim is to keep all material in good condition, so everyone can always play without worry. In addition, the committee also invests in new lacrosse materials under the guidance of the treasurer. Each team provides a member for the materials committee, this way each team takes care of club properties.

Members: Jet T (D1), Linde (D2) and Paul (H1).

The merchandise committee has its own webshop on which Rotterdam lacrosse items can be ordered.

Member: Paul (H1)

The promotion committee is responsible for promoting the sport and the association. This can be done through different channels. They promote various activities (among others the introduction, friends & family tournament, open practices) organized by the other committees. They also provide promotional material (including flyers, posters and stickers) during the various events. In addition, they also provide the content for social media (Instagram, Facebook and website) which makes the club and sport constantly visible. Lastly, they come up with fun activities to get even more attention for our great but relatively unknown sport.

Members: Elizabeth (D2), Jet T (D1) and Isabelle (D2)

The activity committee organizes fun drinks and activities throughout the year. Last year they successfully organized the club weekend, gala and the Springlympics. Additionally, the annual Halloween party was a blast. The SoCo is always looking for members who enjoy organizing fun and sporting activities outside the regular practices and competitions.

Members: Sophie (D1) and Thomas (H1)

The Technical Committee Dames is responsible for creating and implementing the technical sports policy. An important goal is to increase knowledge of sports-related knowledge and the general lacrosse level. The committee consists of the trainers of the different teams and the VP-women. The committee has various tasks in both policy making and its implementation.

Members: Anneloes (VP-women), Hanneke (trainer D1 / D2), Marjolein (trainer D2) and Naomi (trainer D1).

The Technical Committee Men create the technical sports policy for the men’s team. There is consultation with the TCD to see where their forces can be combined. The TCH consists of the trainers of the men’s team and the VP-men. The committee has various tasks in both creating the policies and the executive areas.

Members: Paul (trainer H1), Ricardo (trainer H1) and Zach (VP-men)

The ladies and gentlemen of the website committee ensure that the website remains up to date and is provided with the correct and most important information for its own members and external parties.

Members: Elizabeth (D2), Hanneke (D1) and Ricardo (H1)