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Erasmus Sport

Erasmus Sport is the sports organization for all students in Rotterdam.

With an Erasmus Sport membership you’ll have access to all aspects of the bodyfit program. With a membership upgrade, you can also make use of the gym at the Erasmus campus. Becoming a member of Erasmus Sport requires membership at one of the affiliated sport associations, such as Rotterdam Jaguars Lacrosse. A membership gives you a sportspass that offers discounts for various partners within the campus and city.

In short, Erasmus Sport membership is a great addition to your study at Erasmus University Rotterdam of Hogeschool Rotterdam.

You can buy the sportspass at the wesbhop of Erasmus Sport of at the service desk of the Erasmus Sport Center. Purchasing the pass for an entire year is rewarded with a discount. The pass is personal and includes your name and photo. Pick up the pass at the sports center and hand in a deposit of €5.

Find more information via Erasmus Sport-sportaanbod or the Erasmus Sport-home page