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There are two different types of men’s lacrosse: field (outdoor) and box (indoor). Each type knows differences in terms of sticks, gear, fields and rules.

Field lacrosse
A men’s lacrosse team consists of ten fieldplayers (attackers, defenders, midfielders and a goalie) and multiple subs. During the game the men have the possibility to sub whenever they want. The aim is to score as many points as possible. Each goal equals one point. The total game consists of four ‘quarters’ of 20 minutes each.

The field includes two attacking-/defensive area’s and the midfield. Only six of the fieldplayers can enter the attacking-/defensive area. The other three players have to wait behind a dividing line (restrainer). In the attacking-/defensive area you can find the goal with a cirkel (crease) around it. The goalkeeper moves within the crease and the other field players can’t enter the crease.

The men are equiped with a stick, helmet, mouthguard, gloves, chest- and elbowprotection. A body check is allowed when the opponent has the ball. A player can also be checked in a controlled manner in order to get ball out of the stick.

The game starts with a face-off: the ball is placed on the ground in between two sticks held by two kneeling players. When the whistle blows the players try to control the ball. The other players waiting behind the restraining lines can only enter the game after one of the teams takes control of the ball.

At men’s lacrosse, a foul is made when there’s either a personal or techincal offense. Players who’re assigned a technical foul need to leave the game for 30 seconds. Players with a personal foul need to leave the game for three minutes. When a player has five personal fouls in the game, he can’t join the team on the field anymore. In order to secure a safe and honest game, there are three referees in the field and one on the side of the field. There are two people present alongside the field to take notes on the time, fouls and score.

Before the game season starts, each team is assigned to a division based on the results of the season befoe. Our Heren 1 plays in the first division. After the regular competition season, there are some games during the play-off weekend. During this weekend, promotion- and degradation games are played. The four best teams play games to defend the national championship.

Besides two trainings a week and competitive games, the men play more lacrosse. Some of the men in our teams join tournaments and others take part in development trainings by the Men’s Dutch Nation Team (MDNT).

Box lacrosse
Box lacrosse is played on an ice hockey field, but without the ice. The team consists out of five fieldplayers and one goalkeepers. The men use short sticks only and the size of the goal is slightly smaller. The goalkeepers were more protective gear and cary a wider stick. The game lasts 60 minutes (3x 20 minutes) and the team that scores most points, wins. The game also starts with a face-off, but after the blow of the whistle , the ball needs to reach the attacking area ten seconds after being in the defensive area. If the ball reaches the attacking area, there needs to be a shot on goal within 30 seconds (shot clock). There are no restraining lines in box lacrosse. There is a distinction between minor (2 minutes out of the game) and majour fouls (10 minutes out of the game). After five major or minor fouls, the player has to leave the field for the remainder of the game.

Some of our men play box lacrosse in the competition, different tournaments and trainings by the NL Box Team.

Interested? Want to join a training sometime? Please contact us via the contactform.