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For the last four seasons, we have been offering practice sessions for boys and girls between the age of 12 and 16. In the meantime, we have managed to gain a group of regular participants, which we aim to expand with new male and female players in the coming season.

The training sessions take place on the football fields of Excelsior, two times a month on Friday evening between 19:00 and 20:00. The participants are trained by an experienced and certified coach (Paul). For the time being, the youth can participate in the trainings free of charge.

Sticks and trainings gear is provided during the training sessions. The participants are asked to bring sport clothes, sport shoes (football or hockey) and a mouth guard to the training sessions themselves. During the training sessions, the boys and girls learn the basics of lacrosse and apply them later in practice games.

The team also participates in the youth competition, as part of which several youth days are organized during the year. On these days, a tournament is played and girls and boys play several games together on one game day. Participation is fully optional and not mandatory.

Are you interested and would like to join a training session? That’s possible! Sign up for a trial session.