Friends & Family Tournament 2023

The annual ‘Friends & Family Tournament’ will be organized on Friday 26th of May. The tournament is intended for acquaintances of members and interested parties! The Jaguars welcome you for an evening of lacrosse and fun off the field!

Teams & Tickets
Order a ticket for the annual Friends & Family Tournament in our ticket shop! The team captain registers the entire team. On the day itself, the captain reports the team to the organization and then receives the consumption/snack vouchers for the team. Don’t have a team, but want to participate? Register as a pick-up player and play with one of the teams.
– Team ticket (€25,-): access for 6-10 players + 10 drinks + 10 snacks
– Pick-up ticket (€5,-): access for 1 player + 2 drinks + 1 snack

Tickets can be bought via our webshop: 

Program (26th of May)
19:00 – 20:00 Registration of the teams/players
19:30 – 20:00 Optional clinic
20:00 – 23:00 Matches
23:00 – 01:00 Party

Location & transport

Address: Excelsior, Honingerdijk 110, 3062 NX Rotterdam.
Bicycle/scooter: the location is easily accessible by bicycle or scooter. You can park your ride at the entrance of the car park (P1) and on the complex itself (P1).
Public transport: The complex can also be reached by public transport. Tram line 7 towards ‘Woudestein’, get off at Burgermeester Oudlaan. Or take tram lines 21 and 24 towards ‘de Esch’, get off at Woudestein.
Car: You can use the parking lot (P2) free of charge. Please note: if you depart after midnight, you will need a parking ticket to exit for free. You can reserve this parking card via our webshop.
The clubhouse is open and the bar serves drinks and snacks. The changing rooms are located next to the club house.

Safety & Rules

The matches are played on half a field with a 6vs6 variant. To be allowed to score, the right of attack must be achieved first. You do this by bringing the ball over the line. There is a circle (crease) around the goal, which none of the players (with the exception of the goalkeeper) may enter. For safety reasons, shooting is not allowed when players are in front of goal. This means that defenders stay with an attacker and attackers without a ball do not hang in front of the goal. On a goal or save, the ball is played to the opposing team to gain the right of attack. The other team can take the ball away by tapping the ball out of the stick (checking) or winning a ground ball. The ball is out when the player with the ball touches the line or the ball rolls over a sideline (out of bounce).
All matches are supervised by a referee (rotation system). The pool and referee schedule will be announced a week prior to the tournament.
Put on sportswear and sports shoes (possibly with studs). Wearing a mouthguard is also recommended.

Do you have questions? Please contact or send a message to Lucy Zhang (0637405952) / Maxime Jansen (0614044189).