Last Sunday, the Babyjags played a game against Wageningen 2: a solid team that doesn’t goof around on the field. It sun was shining and the game days in Wageningen are always arranged very well. The Babies had to play the last game of the day. Feeling a bit tense because of the opponent’s reputation, but still very eager to play, the ladies set foot to Wageningen.

This time, Isabelle entered the field as a goalie. During the warm-up, it became clear that this was a great choice. The whistle was blown and the game began. Wageningen got a hold of the ball quickly and moved around the field fast. The first goal was scored by the opponent, but this didn’t cause the Babyjags to let their heads down. The defense became more steady and Wageningen was held back a lot of times. In case they did move across the defensive line, Isabelle was there to save the day.

After a turn-over, the Babyjags moved across the field fast. There was a lot of great throwing and catching of the ball. Wageningen 2 is very strong, but the Babyjags did manage to score three times! Looking at the amount of ball possession Wageningen had, that is an amazing score.

Most points were scored by Wageningen, but the Babyjags, who had no subs, stayed strong and energetic until the end. It turned out to be a very valuable game for both teams. The Babyjags can’t wait to play their next game this Sunday!