Last Sunday, the BabyJags played their second game of the season against Wageningen Warriors 3. It happened to be a home game so the girls were present from the early start of morning to set up the field and welcome the other teams. They played the last game of the day. A full day of lacrosse, just how we like it!

During the first part of the game, the BabyJags were on fire and scored a lot of goals. At half time Rotterdam had scored 14 goals against 1 for Wageningen. The girls that played defense did not have to run a lot, but when they did, they did it strong! During the second half of the game, the BabyJags tried to improve their play even more. Skills like passing the ball in the settle and really trying to open up space for the girl that was attacking were practiced in a game situation. The girls from Wageningen really got stronger as well as tghe game progressed. However, they couldn’t stop the BabyJags anymore and the game ended with a 18-3 score in favor of Rotterdam! It was a fun day and we are looking forward to the next game! Sticks up!