Last Sunday, the Babyjags had their last game before the winterbreak. They played in Groningen against Leiden/Den Haag which was a really fair rival.

Since both teams were at a pretty similar level of playing lacrosse, the game was fun and challenging at the same time. In the beginning, the Babyjags were leading for a while because of a really strong defense. There weren’t a lot of goals throughout the whole match, so after the second quarter the number of goals were pretty similar for both teams.

Especially in the last quarter, the Babyjags stood out for great teamwork, so that they could achieve a final score of 7:4. A special shoutout goes to the goalie Frances, who did great for her first time in the goal.

At the end, the Babyjags had a super fun last game before the winterbreak, that led to a win caused by great teamwork.