The coronavirus has changed the way we live drastically. Also the training and games of the Rotterdam Jaguars have been cancelled for a few weeks now. However, this doesn’t mean no lacrosse is being played!

Wall-Ball is the way to improve your lacrosse skills. In the Netherlands, it’s still possible to play some sports outside by yourself or with a teammate. Find a good wall using our interactive map, gather some balls, goggles on and mouthguard in and let’s go! Bounce the ball against the wall and train your throwing and catching skills. It seems easy, but we Jaguars don’t do anything without a little competition.

To keep up with the game vibes coach Hanneke designed the lacrosse bingo! You can find several tasks you can do in order to improve your lacrosse skills. Even in times of quarantine. Wall-Balling is a part of the bingo. Try throwing- and catching a 1.000 times and cross it off your bingo card.

Have some fun and good luck practicing. We hope to see you soon on the field!

Lacrosse Bingo