For the first time the Jags played a competition game in the First Division against Enschede Phoenix, who have promoted last season from the Second Division. Fortunately we had been able to watch some of Enschede’s games before we had to play them. These games showed us that Enschede was not to be underestimated as a team.

Of course we noticed this immediately from the start of the game falling behind with 1-0 in the first minute. After a long first period without goals we have been able to turn around the score into a 2-1 lead. The game itself however had developed in such a way that we knew more opposing strength was to follow.

Enschede played solid with carefully knowing where their strengths lied exploiting the weaknesses on our side. Unfortunately we could not cope with this in the third quarter being unable to resist ourselves. This led to a big score behind in the third quarter of 5-8, which is a bad prospect for the rest of the game having only one quarter left.

The momentum in the game fortunately shifted with us being able to learn from Enschede by using our strengths chaging the course of the game from 5-8 behind into a 9-8 lead. The last goals was scored with only 1.15 minute on the clock by Robin after putting excellent pressure on Enschede’s defense by Erik, Ricardo and Gleb.

It all ends well, you would think. It did not, as Enschede was able to straighten their back once more tallying the game with only 20 seconds left. We ended with what we started with. We as well were able to straighten our backs once more in the extra time, followed up with a Golden Goal by Erik after excellent team play on attack.

The win therefore went to Rotterdam, the compliments to Enschede.